Medical Doctor Meets a Pantheon of Gods On Magic Mushrooms: Here Are His Insights from the "God Space" | Psychedelic Spotlight (2023)

People have been claiming encounters with God or divine representatives for thousands of years. Consequently, these experiences most likely act as the building blocks of a vast multitude of religions today. Renowned professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Roland Griffiths, Ph.D., argues that although traditional Western medicine does not usually consider religious or spiritual experiences a part of its arsenal for healing. However, research suggests such encounters tend to have highly beneficial effects on one's mental health.

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Across the ages, humans have described religious encounters that seem to transcend their individual realities. Some of these spiritual experiences occur without any external influence while others are brought on by psychedelic substances such as psilocybin mushrooms or ayahuasca from the Amazon basin. For some people, these spiritually-charged moments result in a powerful connection with what they view as “God” or “ultimate reality.”

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The experience of Dr. James Keller while taking psilocybin mushrooms is an example of the ultimate “coming to Jesus” moment during tripping.

James Kneller had never experimented with psychedelics before, recognizing that they were illegal in the United States. No matter his curiosity of psilocybin and its Schedule 1 classification here, he chose to respect these laws. On a trip to Mexico, where it is legal, he decided it was time for him to try out fresh mushrooms for his inaugural psychedelic experience.

With Arizona recently allocating $30 million to research the therapeutic uses of psilocybin, James is eager to take part in studies related to his specialty – cardiology. He dreams that if the potential benefits can be made clear, it may eventually provide a legal framework for individuals across America and even within Arizona itself to utilize psilocybin therapeutically.

His story remains untold, set to be revealed in his upcoming book, “Lifestream To God,” due for release this fall of 2023. This is just one part of his trip that he was willing to share with Psychedelic Spotlight.

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Medical Doctor Meets a Pantheon of Gods On Magic Mushrooms: Here Are His Insights from the "God Space" | Psychedelic Spotlight (1)

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In this blog, he narrates his experiences with two consecutive mushroom trips. During the second journey, he ventures into what felt like a “God Space” and postulates that perhaps even Hell itself crossed his path during the process.

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Day 1: 1st Psilocybin Mushroom Trip

As this book neared completion, sharing this story with local contacts in Scottsdale, Arizona lead to introductions in the cannabis market, now eyeing potentially lucrative opportunities in the emerging field of psychedelic medicine. This brought an invitation (July, 2022) to join an exploratory trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, home of Maria Sabina, indigenous Shaman and mushroom healer had introduced the West to psilocybin mushrooms, by accident, in 1955. Perhaps there was a medical consultancy role for me. We would continue to San Juan del Pacifico, high in the mountains of central Mexico where the mushrooms are still collected in the wild. Central Mexico is delightful, bringing reprieve from the oppressive July so many seek to escape in Phoenix.

I was totally naïve to any type of psychoactive drug. Not so for our group of 16. They knew their drugs, and many could discuss their favorite forms of cannabis and mushrooms, and doses of psilocybin and even LSD. San Juan del Pacifico is a mushroom village, and fresh psilocybin mushrooms were openly displayed and for sale in numerous shops along the narrow streets. Our team knew of a developing retreat centers, perched on one of the mountain peaks and surrounded by so many others. We would fast overnight, then take mushroom tea, brewed that morning from freshly picked psilocybin mushrooms. After a 30-40 min hike to a mountainous outpost, we could spend several hours tripping, fully enjoying our magic mushroom experience.

The night prior I certainly had Brian Muraresku’s position in mind (JBP Podcast Interview). He had not taken psychedelics, wishing to remain objective, with Karl Ruck’s caveat – if he did try them, maybe he shouldn’t tell anybody. Importantly, mushrooms were legal here. Nevertheless I found myself preparing. My intent, if it should ever be granted, was of course to livestream. My “set” is the internal state I bring to the mushroom experience. If I could just listen to a particular live recording of “I’ve Just Seen Jesus” by Sandi Patti and Lionel Harris(Gaither), I knew I would drop perfectly into the zone. We added the song to a playlist of favorites from the Gaither collection. Draped by a new wool poncho, locally made, I was ready.

Strangely I didn’t sleep at all that night. Just feeling so much energy in my body. Would I hallucinate? I had seen so many images of beings and creatures encountered with DMT. Would any of these appear? With our group gathering for the hike, the tea was passed out. Hot water with some lemon and 4-5 small mushrooms, dirt and all. Could these unpretentious shrooms open a portal to livestream? Would this be the moment I had waited for my entire life? I drank the tea. I drank the entire cup in a single gulp. Started to fish the mushrooms out of the cup with my fingers and gobbled them down. There was still some dirt in the bottom of the cup. Poured in some water, swished it around and drank the cup clean. Like an impulsive Simon Peter, if this was the way to God “then Lord, not just my feet but my hands and my head as well! (John 13:9)”.

Now what? I looked around. Others were pleasantly sipping their tea, chatting about whether to drink half versus the full cup. One of the cannabis experts, Frank, saw my cup. “You weren’t supposed to eat the mushrooms,” he stated slowly and flatly. What? I thought we were supposed to take everything! No no, just drink the tea. Suddenly I had a group of cannabis people staring at me, wide eyed. We started walking. The exercise would hasten the onset. I placed the headphones over my ears and the playlist started. Felt overwhelmed with gratitude. I was high in the mountains of central Mexico, at the heart of the Oaxacan mushroom tradition. I had fasted, partaken of the magic mushrooms, my music was playing. Nothing left but to wait for the livestream.

We were moving fast along the trail, a soft strip of dirt across the steep mountainside. There were no perceptual distortions so far, however the lyrics were now slicing through me with unprecedented clarity, as all of my senses intensified with an acuity I had never experienced before.

“He is here, Hallelujah!
He is here, Amen!
He is here, Holy, Holy
I will bless His name again
He is here, listen closely
Hear Him calling out your name
He is here, you can touch Him
You will never be the same”

(Gaither Vocal Band, “He is here”, Greatly Blessed album)

We were moving fast, down and across the mountainside on a soft muddy trail. Several ahead of me had slipped off. My hiking skills were serving me well. Wherever we were going certainly wasn’t ready for your average tourist. As my playlist advanced, still no hallucinations or ego disintegration. Then immediately with the onset of the lyrics …

“I am chosen, not forsaken

I am who You say I am

You are for me, not against me … “

(Hillsong Worship, “Who You Say I Am” – Live)

The forest floor leapt up at me, a seething mass of fluorescent green, adorned with scintillating lights, like a sea of diamonds reflecting every imaginable color, including those I had never seen before. It was a feeling of utter unity with all creation; there was no separation. Fortunately, my legs were still responding with honest feedback as we charged ahead.

Our descent ended abruptly at a clearing overlooking a mountain rim. Across a steep gorge, the surrounding mountains rose with a breathtaking majesty. A rustic wood shed stood in the middle of the clearing, with distinctive Mexican ball moss (tillandsia recurvata) capping the ends of the roof beams. Most of the group had arrived ahead of me and were already tripping. Several had eyes closed, apparently immersed in a rapturous bliss. Others were gazing about with their eyes open. How could nature be so spectacular? Had they tuned into some trans-dimensional quantum frequencies? Waves of nausea were rocking my world.

I needed some quiet space without distraction. There actually wasn’t much room to focus or to vomit. The younger half of our cannabis group had collected on the opposite side of the woodshed and were smoking weed as well. I wanted nothing to do with that smell. Reflexively, I wondered about my phone. I didn’t want to look at it but, of course, I needed it to be safe. There were some message popups on the home screen – my former boss was filing a lawsuit against me and a close friend I had worried about had been taken to hospital. I should respond immediately. But the reception was so spotty. Nothing to do but worry. Why was my life always cluttered with so many distractions? This was a chance of a lifetime and I was blowing it.

The people around me now appeared as luminescent bulbs.The sun had grown much hotter and layers of clothing were coming off. Several of the couples clearly needed their privacy. Wanting to stare at everything for psychedelic effects, I needed to stay appropriate. One local guide was on his phone and looking bored. The green and red of hisThrashersweater looked surreal and again I was staring. I had subscribed to that magazine as a kid and wondered what had become of it? He looked at me sharply so I gave a thumbs up. I never thought my moment of epiphany would unfold like this.

Every piece of information that I had ever been exposed to seemed immediately accessible in that moment. I was reminded of the prophet Elijah, standing on the mount before the Lord. “And behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains and broke in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind came an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake came a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire. Finally, after the fire came a still small voice… ‘What are you doing here, Elijah?’” (1 Kings 19:11-13). Distraction could indeed accompany epiphany. Psilocybin was now flooding my neurochemistry, so I would be patient. The journalist in our group, who was supposed to be documenting the event, had climbed to the roof of the shed for an unobstructed view of the clouds. Now he was shouting, “Where's my camera?” Nobody cared. Then came a loud crashing sound as he fell over up there.

Another local guide had sipped tea with us. He had been staring at a mud wall of the shed ever since we’d arrived. Now was sitting against the hillside, with knees pulled up to his chest, and tears were streaming down his face unchecked. Whoa!! A life-changing transformational experience was happening right in front of me! I wanted that! It was game on. I wanted to video him, but didn’t had permission and my phone was already wrecking the whole thing. Someone had discarded their tea cup. There were still some mushrooms at the bottom. Maybe I needed a boost to get into the game. I shook those into my palm and gulped them down.

Our group had dispersed a little giving me room to sit down. Later, I would learn that a local dog had lead three group members to private spaces for mediation, returning several times to check on each of them. Sadly, the dog never found me. This hadn’t gone according to plan. Nevertheless, I was determined to practice everything I knew about maintaining my mental “set”. I would remain grateful to these people who had brought me here, and receptive to whatever this experience had to teach me. I would allow nothing but gratitude, humility, and openness. With eyes closed, there was kaleidoscopic geometry everywhere, with various humanoid creatures moving between the patterns. An occasional serpent head appeared, large eyes with vertically slit pupils peering at me curiously, forked tongue flicking in and out. She was much like the depictions of “Mother Ayahuasca” by so many artists. These were the only creatures I would see, adding to my tally of hallucinogenic effects.

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Suddenly, her face aged into that of a very elderly Mexican women, as though I had seen her entire life. But it didn’t stop there. Her flesh decayed down to the bone, leaving a mere skeleton with moldy bits of necrotic tissue clinging to it.

One of the Mexican twenty somethings from our tour had found a comfortable slouched position against the shed, and was perfectly blissed out. The angles coming off her glasses and their orthogonal orientation to her long straight black hair took on a surreal quality. I found myself trying not to stare, yet again. Then, suddenly her face aged into that of a very elderly Mexican women, as though I had seen her entire life. But it didn’t stop there. Her flesh decayed down to the bone, leaving a mere skeleton with moldy bits of necrotic tissue clinging to it. The visuals were just like the artwork I’ve seen in so many Mexican shops and restaurants. It was later explained that I had seen archetypal images known to appear with heroic doses of the mushrooms. I glanced at other people from our group. Nobody else was aging or decaying. It was only with this one member of our group, and it happened over and over.

Clearly, I wasn’t livestreaming. My playlist had advanced to some pop stations so I pulled down the headphones. Someone was playing U2 from a portable speaker. “They’re Irish catholic boys. The religious themes are subtle but definitely in the music” said our group leader. I later learned he hadn’t drank the tea. He did check in several times. “Can you imagine the potential to heal people?” he would ask. “Just look at the clouds”. Did I see the patterns? Wasn’t it amazing with that guitar riff? Perhaps, but each experience with the mushrooms is unique. What’s amazing in for one person may not be anything special for the next person.

As the hallucinogenic effects faded away, the issues of my life stood before me astonishing clarity. There were some blatant contradictions that needed my attention. But I knew about those. New solution didn’t miraculously appear. The U2 songs helped to carry the influence of the mushrooms, perhaps similar to the integral role of chanting during ayahuasca ceremonies. I was again filled with gratitude and reveled in it. I was so very thankful to be present in the mountain country of central Mexico, for the people who had brought me here, and for the mushrooms. I was profoundly thankful for the chance to learn and grow and for the life that was mine to shape.

As for our local guide with the crocodile tears, turns out he had been contemplating suicide, and the very tea that I had drank had taught him to embrace his life, putting the kibosh on any suicidal impulses once and for all.

The time came to check in with my phone. There was no lawsuit filed against me, and the friend wasn’t headed to hospital. Rather, that email was to share how much better she was feeling. The alarming messages I thought I saw earlier in my mushroom experience – were those hallucinations or some other external influence attempting to shut down my experience? There were clearly powerful forces on both sides of this. Those drawing me towards a portal of trans-dimensional experience, while others seemingly threw up barriers. As for our local guide with the crocodile tears, turns out he had been contemplating suicide, and the very tea that I had drank had taught him to embrace his life, putting the kibosh on any suicidal impulses once and for all. His mushroom journey had been so earth shattering, that our group would tend to him like a small child for the next few days, giving him time to reorient on the earth plane.

Day 2: Second Trip & The God Space

The next day, we traveled to the beach town of Zipolite. I felt invigorated and incredibly clear after drinking the mushroom tea from the previous morning. It was a favorable contrast to any hangover. There was so much energy in my body that I hadn't slept for two consecutive nights. Frank had purchased fresh mushrooms and was offering to make tea that evening. This would be my last shot at this, and I very much wanted to participate. Making the tea was simple: bring the water to a boil, add the magic mushrooms with some honey or lemon, return to a boil, then turn off the heat. With the lid on, allow the brew to cool, then serve as temperature permits. He had the same frustrations setting up from his first mushroom experience and also wanted to get this right.

Most of our group was staying at the east end of Playa Zipolite, with a kitchen facility for making tea. Due to a late booking, Frank and I had reservations on the west end. Frank explained that one glass of his brew would have 1.5x the potency of the previous day. We both agreed that this time there could be no distractions. After drinking the tea, we planned to then walk to the west end of the beach. It was pretty secluded over there, with several benches and various driftwood to sit on along the waterfront. Frank had finished his tea and left well before me. One person from our team poured me a generous glass, which I drank in its entirety. This time, there were no mushrooms at the bottom. We bid farewell as the group was separating from this point forward.

Expecting the mushrooms to hit in about 30 minutes, I set out across the beach. Reaching the west side of the beach, I found a suitable bench. This time my phone was muted and safely in one pocket. My wallet and keys were safely in the other. The tide was fully in and the water was only a few meters away. I was reminded that it was Friday, and the setting sun marked the beginning of the Sabbath. I felt immense gratitude for another opportunity to perhaps peek beyond the veil of my reality. Would I encounter strange beings, perceptual distortions, or archetypal images? My mind felt settled and poised, like a Samurai ready to spring into action. No headphones this time. My intent was clear. I was ready. It was Friday, August 5, 2022.

Little did I know that I would be sitting perfectly still and transfixed for the next four hours. A hint of nausea let me know it was time. With eyes open, everything was as it should be – the surf, massive rocks, and a string of soft lights along the beach that was now mostly empty. So far no hallucinations or perceptual distortions that I could discern. There I sat, eyes closed, trying to simply observe the stillness in my mind. Then, something happened. There was something happening in my distal awareness. It was “a little cloud like a man’s hand is rising out of the sea” (1 Kings 18:44). I imagined the 5-HT2Areceptors in my mind undergoing a conformational change, becoming receptive to a new quantum energy field. Such waves, in concert with the piezoelectric activity of pineal calcite crystals and DMT flooding my visual cortex, were opening the doors of my perception.

The tiny cloud quickly expanded to fill my awareness in its entirety. The visuals began with swirling patterns of colors and lights, a rapidly evolving kaleidoscope with unprecedented complexity. There were colors I had never seen before, however the changes were so rapid, fluid, and continuous there was no chance of focusing on anything in particular. The patterns began to spiral into what seemed like a light tube worm hole portal through space and time. I was hurtling down though the tube at terrifying speeds. The tube appeared to be lined with black and white square tiles, shiny and brightly lit, shuttling me through erupting constellations of unprecedented color.

Navigating through Hades

Very quickly, black insects began to populate the edges of the tube. At first, these were like army ants with shiny stiletto legs, probing antennae and incisor teeth that looked ready to cut rebar.

The portal widened into an area with a dozen or so human figures. They were completely naked and engaging in sex acts. These bodies were physically perfect and engrossed in sensual pleasure. Such distractions could keep you from themes of cosmic significance. I didn’t hang around, choosing instead to move forward in the portal. The insects were getting larger and more grotesque. They towered over me. Each had at least twenty legs and as many tentacles. Their ability to hold any prey against their bodies, digesting them alive and without otherwise ingesting them was a common feature and on display. Devouring me would be more likehors d'oeuvres than a meal for them.Despite my defenselessness and their hideousness, I strangely wasn’t afraid in the least. Was this ego dissolution? I couldn’t tell.

After a while, it seemed to me that all their posturing was just to impress me. They wanted me to know they were important, but actually didn’t have power beyond that. All communication was telepathic. My strategy was to move forward as graciously as possible, by lavishing praise on the bugs. Oh my they were so large, so majestic, and so very important. It was an honor to meet them. I was so fortunate to even be granted an audience! Their displays and posturing continued. Some had flashing colored lights about their heads, like halos, other had precious stones incorporated into their pointed extremities. Since flattery was only encouraging them, I asked to be taken to their leader. This brought more travel through portals lined with even more bugs. I was finally deposited in front of a particularly spectacular bug, larger and with even more appendages than the others. Was this Lucifer? He didn’t speak, but lead me into an even lower level and space dedicated to death.

Was this Lucifer? He didn’t speak, but lead me into an even lower level and space dedicated to death.

Here there were stacks of dead bodies, and various crypts containing even more dead bodies. At this level there were dungeons full of humans. I could hear screams and see arms and legs projecting between the bars, in a desperate but failed attempt to escape or find relief. The dungeons were only visible from a steep angle that prevented me from seeing their faces. Neither the reason for, or endgame of the torture was apparent. The screaming clearly gave the bugs a deep sense of satisfaction. I was taken below this level, and shown a several additional bodies, each floating in s sarcophagus filled with dark green liquid. These cases were a source of tremendous pride for the bugs. We were so deep that even if these bodies were somehow miraculously brought to life, escape would be impossible.

My awareness was intact throughout. I knew this was a mushroom trip. They say that the plants teach you what you most need to know. What was I supposed to learn here? The dark side was showing me its dominion, all that they controlled — and it was awesome. An entirely spiritual world was opening to me with exceptional detail and exquisite clarity. I felt gratitude for this revelation and respect for the power and legitimacy of the dark side. Still, I wished to move on. I wanted to see God, but was only meeting more bugs. Clearly. they were blocking my exit. It was time for the big guns. “Most respectfully Sirs, I am a follower of Jesus and you will need to let me pass.”

“Most respectfully Sirs, I am a follower of Jesus and you will need to let me pass.”

Meeting a Hierarchy of Deities

Nobody said it had worked, but bugs were suddenly gone. Now there were friendlier faces – clowns and elves, for example. Each had plenty of detail but none were visible for very long as we were moving fast again. Deities were beginning to appear, along the portal as the space widened. We were climbing, with more and more deities appearing with the ascent. The perimeter of the space now resembled a continuum of stadium seating filled with deities, row after row positioned shoulder to shoulder. They were humanoid in appearance and increasingly fantastical. Every artistic portrayal of psychedelic entities I had ever seen was easily accounted for here. The artistic efforts are commendable but also inadequate, given the sheer complexity of color schemes and anatomic details of each deity. There appeared to a hierarchy of increasing complexity as we moved upwards. The deities weren’t in competition at all. It was as though the lower and less complicated ones represented fundamental truth, while those at higher levels embodied the many the novel and diverse implications of fundamental truth.

The deities weren’t in competition at all. It was as though the lower and less complicated ones represented fundamental truth, while those at higher levels embodied the many the novel and diverse implications of fundamental truth.

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Having now risen to great heights among the deity-lined silos, my ascent was beginning to slow. The deities were now distinctly Hindu in nature, and bathed in royal blue light. Each appeared to be in a blissful contemplative state. We didn’t interact, although I felt they were pleased to have me there. Looking up, there was a massive elephant.

Medical Doctor Meets a Pantheon of Gods On Magic Mushrooms: Here Are His Insights from the "God Space" | Psychedelic Spotlight (2)

He was sitting on his haunches, supported by his hind legs with front legs extending outwards. His curved trunk was also raised and reaching forward. He glowed with an alabaster blue luminescence. His ears moved ever so slightly back and forth, and occasionally he would blink, as revealed by the motion of his long eye lashes. He sat regal and god-like. The corridor extended upwards into darkness beyond him, a perfect backdrop to showcase his majesty.

It seemed the entire Hindu religion was here in this space. How could there be more? I had asked to see God and was shown this. I had seen the elephant before. Later, I learned his name is Ganesh, and he is the remover of obstacles. The ancient Hindu mystics had clearly been here, many many times over, enough to detail each entity, and to study their particular roles and the relationships between them. I’ve since found that the Sri Ranganathaswamy Hindu Temple in Srirangam, Tamil Nadu, India, is the best earthly representation of what I was shown. The long columnar roofs, lined row upon row by fantastical deities standing shoulder to shoulder is spot on. Interestingly, I would return to Ganesh at least three more times that evening. This fact, together with his size and majestic disposition indicated his significance in this space.

Medical Doctor Meets a Pantheon of Gods On Magic Mushrooms: Here Are His Insights from the "God Space" | Psychedelic Spotlight (3)

Sri Ranganathaswamy Hindu Temple in Srirangam | Tamilnadu Tourism

A surprising feature of my psilocybin experience was that I could step in and out of it. Needing a break, I opened my eyes. The sun had now fully set. The moon and stars cast a shimmering light on the ocean. The beach was now deserted. With eyes open, I wasn’t aware of any perceptual distortions. I should have stretched and walked around a bit. Closing my eyes the portal was still open, and slightly stronger when I cocked my head to the left. Now that I knew where to find it, it seemed that door would always be there for me.

I was still flabbergasted by what I was seeing. I had hoped for some sacred geometry, perhaps a few entity sightings. I have never dared to dream that all of this was possible. How would I even describe this? The entirety of religion was here. This was the realms of the gods, with each deity seeming to represent an aspect of the nature of God. Was this heaven? That terminology invoked too many pre-conceptions for me. This was “The God Space”. Nothing else seemed to fit. It was nothing less than the space of God.

This was “The God Space”. Nothing else seemed to fit. It was nothing less than the space of God.

Jesus, the Garden of Eden and Solomon's Temple

The psilocybin mushroom portal was still wide open for me, and I wanted to keep moving. Where was the Judeo-Christian tradition, and Jesus? Moving past more massive columns and pyramids lined with deities, if finally appeared. It stretched out below me like a flaming sword, piercing through its most significant events – Garden of Eden, Abraham, Moses, Solomon’s Temple, stable at Bethlehem, New Jerusalem. The white-hot flame symbolized the veracity of the truth represented by this rendering of divinity. My impression was that this purest embodiment of truth arose from this core material. Being an Abrahamic religion, this included the foundations of Islam. I did not see the Prophet Mohammad, and appropriately so as it is forbidden in Islam.

How about Jesus? I started to ascend through another massive portal, soaring upwards above the flaming sword. This portal was lined by spiritual beings as before. Quite early on, at a relatively low level there was a parody representation of the Pope. He was wearing his signature white skull cap and pontiff’s robe. He lacked the significance ascribed to himself on the earth plane. Here in the God Space, not nearly as impressive as Ganesh. The space was lined with spiritual entities as before. It seemed these should be angels, although the usual features such as wings were not apparent.

It seemed I was ascending towards the ultimate nature of God. Any written communication would fail to describe this adequately.

We soared ever upward with no sign of slowing down. The light was getting brighter and brighter. It seemed I was ascending towards the ultimate nature of God. Any written communication would fail to describe this adequately. We passed Jesus on the left, which would correspond to “the right hand of God” (Romans 8:34). He was fully transfigured with garments “glistening, intensely white” (Mark 9:3) and in a glorified state. His face and body were pure light. He didn’t acknowledge me, although I felt at home in His presence. He held himself with the nobility of a creator and architect of life.

After Jesus, my ascent accelerated to supersonic speeds. I was now oriented straight upwards and into the blinding light. I was blasted through a circle of thrones, consistent with the stations of the twenty-four elders of Revelation 4:4, which reportedly surround the throne of God Himself/Herself. There were more complex and fantastic beings.

Medical Doctor Meets a Pantheon of Gods On Magic Mushrooms: Here Are His Insights from the "God Space" | Psychedelic Spotlight (4)

Interpretive digital illustration of an archangel in the sky. | Shutterstock

These were multi-dimensional, and could easily be described as having multiple wings. Each had multiple eyes around and seemingly within their heads, flashing with blue, green, and red light. These could be the Cherubim and Seraphim (Exodus 10, Ezekiel 1:5, Revelation 4:6-8), guardians of the throne of YHWH. They were strangely reminiscent of the bugs I had first encountered. They had been here, in this throne room. Beyond this was only more of the brightest possible light and energy possible, which intensified exponentially moving upwards into infinity. It was ultimate God energy in purest form. It was enough.

Next I was suspended in a giant cosmic amphitheater. It seemed about a mile across and just as deep, winding off into the distance like the Grand Canyon. A complex space indeed. Describing it as a rare jewel, pure gold, transparent glass, clear as crystal, or adorned with every kind of jewel would all be appropriate (Revelation 21:11-21). Certainly with multiple foundations, perhaps twelve (Revelation 21:14). This was the God Space as an open forum. As before, deities and heavenly beings of every kind lined the space. Despite its massive size, the feeling if community and warmth was so comforting. This was indeed my “Father’s house” and there were “many mansions” (John 14:2). The God Space was big enough to encompass multiple world religions — Hinduism, Judeo-Christianity and Islam to be sure. They were all here in a single giant continuum. Everything in this space was some representation of ultimate truth. While my limited observations couldn’t exclude their presence, I didn’t recognize anything from Buddhism, Taoism, Daoism. Nor did I see anything from ancient Egypt, or Gods from Greek or Roman mythology.

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The God Space was big enough to encompass multiple world religions — Hinduism, Judeo-Christianity and Islam to be sure. They were all here in a single giant continuum.

Along one edge of this celestial sphere was the earth plane, populated by people who were plugging away at their lives while attempting to manifest their destinies. From the perspective of the God Space, people are fundamentally and profoundly spiritual entities, citizens-in-waiting and intended to enter. They are a product of the God Space, and this is their true home. A very thin membrane, like a soap bubble, separated the earth plane from the God Space. This resistance barrier draped every living thing, like a bedsheet, undulating over people, animals and plants. The separation between life on earth and the God Space was infinitesimally small. It is ridiculous how virtually everyone acts as though they are oblivious to this reality. People think that “heaven” is a million miles away, when in reality we are constantly bumping up against it.

The status quo was that anyone from the earth plane who desired to be a citizen of the God Space was welcome and anticipated to eventually transition. The earthlings could refuse the God Space, to be sure. The bugs had an alternative. I also saw evidence zones of increased separation from the God Space. Souls appeared to be working their way through the resistance – a process they needed to undergo and were expected to complete, eventually, successfully.

I was incredulous at the proximity of the God Space to the earth plane, and how the spiritual makeup of each person was so compatible with the spiritual domain. Life on earth should be lived in full knowledge of this closeness, and the inevitability of the transition. Any real fear, worry, or concern should be almost impossible in light of this reality. The thin membrane, or resistance barrier separating earth plane from the God Space could vaporize in an instant, allowing both to fuse instantaneously. It’s that close, and separation ever so slight. Could such as fusion be perceived as a “coming in a cloud with power and great glory” (Daniel 7:13, Luke 21:27)? From the perspective of the God Space, this would be the most logical mechanism of Advent, physically speaking.

“It’s All Here”

After four hours my Livestream to God was finishing. The portal was beginning to close. This was one of the greatest events of my life, to be sure. I was amazed, humbled, and grateful. I hadn’t eaten all day and wasn’t hungry in the least. EVERYTHING I could have hoped for was revealed to me. Every artistic representation of the psychedelic space was present. The great religions was in there. The ultimate nature of God was in there. I now understood the relationship of humans to the spiritual realm. This experience would forever serve as my reference. How would I ever share all of this? I kept repeating “It’s all here”, “It’s all here”, “everything is in there”. From the movie “Risen”(Aiello), my reaction to what had just happened perfectly matched the exclamation of Bartholomew (as portrayed by actor Cliff Curtis) came to mind: “This changes EVERYTHING!”

Insights from the God Space

What about Atheists?Who can blame atheists for rejecting the definitions of God that have been given to them, or that they have constructed in their minds? Step into the God Space and look around. There is so much more! Your concept of God is so narrow, so limited. God is all of this! Spend some time in the God Space. When you’re done, I doubt you will deny the existence of God. The God space is so very close and so infinitely massive. Once you’ve been here, what’s to deny?

Why no Buddha in the God Space?Buddha never claimed to be a god, and has never been considered a god by Buddhists. There is no divine creator god or supreme being in the Buddhist teachings, so that Buddhism is often called a nontheistic religion.By contrast, ‘gods' as supernatural entities who can bestow benefits such as health or wealth arewidely accepted in Buddhist countries. Most Asian Buddhists accept that a variety of ‘supernatural' deities exist and can bestow helpful benefits or protection if they are respected correctly.The supernatural entities accepted by Buddhists may well have been among the plethora of deities in the God Space.

What about Hinduism?The multitude of deities in Hinduism mirrors the multitude of deities in the God Space. Moving towards Ganesh (deity with large elephant head) through a God space portal, deities lining the portal appeared to be of Hindu origin although they were not identified. Ganesh held a very prominent position in the God Space and was encountered several times. All of Hinduism appeared to be included in the God Space. This indicates that Hinduism is completely true, and sufficient for individuals on the earth plane to eventual transition to the God Space. The portrayal of multiple deities in Hinduism is an accurate depiction of the God Space, and the best portrayal of any religious system.

What about Christianity?The diversity of deities are conspicuously absent in mainstream Christianity. This is unfortunate, as Christianity does not adequately portray the God Space. The God Space is not depicted well in Christian artwork or Churches. This reflects a limited conceptualization of the available scriptures.

Are the major religions all the same?What do you mean by ‘same’? The major theistic world religions – Hinduism, Islam, Judeo-Christian, are entirely within the God Space. By virtue of being entirely within the God Space, each of them are 100% truth, but maybe not 100% of truth. Each has unique revelations of truth. Each contains enough truth to guide their adherents during their time on the earth plane, and will provide adequate preparation for future residence in the God Space.

Are the major religions equally true? No. The whole truth is the entire God Space. None of the major religions account for the entire God Space. Each religion is in a geographically unique location within the God Space with different sets of entities. Finally moving upwards through the God Space, toward the ultimate reality of God, did seem to pass through descriptions of heaven and the throne room of God as depicted in Judeo-Christian Scriptures, but ultimately the entire God Space was continuous with the ultimate reality of God. The energy at the core of the Judeo-Christian tradition was particularly strong, as reflected by the intensity of the deities surrounding it. This presumably included those granted early access to the God Space following their time on the Earth Plane, such as Enoch (Genesis 5:24) and Elijah (2 Kings 2:11).

What does it take to go to heaven? The most important thing is to want to be there. Genuinely wanting to be a part of the God Space as much as possible is key. The God Space is all about including as many people as possible; all spiritual entities, including us, are welcome. Anyone who ultimately desires to be there can be accommodated. According to Christianity, everyone is sinful by nature. We must confess our sins and ask for Christ’s righteousness to substitute for us, in order to gain entry to the God Space. I would advise Christians to embrace their path whole heartedly, engaging the mechanism of transition regularly and deliberately. Stay completely aligned with the God Space so your life is lived correctly and your transition is as effortless as possible. Other religions in the God Space should engage their salvation mechanism. Each is sufficient. Anyone is welcome to access the God Space through the Christian path.

Implications for this life:Experiencing the God Space changes everything. Our lives and actions on the earth plane should be as congruous as possible with life in the God Space. Why behave in any other way? Do what you need to do on the Earth Plane, but never move away from the energy of the God Space. The trials of life are simply preparing us. Both troubles of our own making and those inflicted by others. From the perspective of the God Space, doing anything that impedes the honest efforts of others on the earth plane is reprehensible. Why would you do that? Everyone is on a different path, and everyone is preparing, whether they realize it or not. Our actions should always be helpful and supportive. Never should we cause disruption, pain, suffering, or hardship. Such actions ultimately contribute to the growth of those we have troubled, but reflexively create separation for ourselves.

Plant medicine for depression:Step into the God Space and look around. Drink it all in. This is your rightful home and nobody can take it away from you. Allow the God Space to put your life and your problems in perspective. Why would you spend any time feeling depressed? That is such a waste of your time on the earth plane. “In the world you have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

Plant medicine for anxiety:Step into the God Space and look around. Drink it all in. Allow the God Space to put your life and your problems in perspective. The God Space is so close you keep hitting your head on it. The resistance plane between you and the God Space is so thin. It’s ready to incorporate you at any time. Beware the spiritual path. Why would you spend any time feeling anxious? It’s such a waste of your time on the earth plane. “Consider the lilies, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin; yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass which is alive in the field today and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will he clothe you, O men of little faith! And do not seek what you are to eat and what you are to drink, nor be of anxious mind” (Luke 12: 27-29).

Plant medicine for addiction (alcohol, smoking):Step into the God Space and look around. Drink it all in. Let the God Space put your life and your problems in perspective. There is so much beauty here. There is so much for you to enjoy. And it goes on and on and on. Why would choose alcohol or smoking, again and again? Those experiences are so limited and unfulfilling!

Plant medicine for addiction (gambling):Step into the God Space and look around. Drink it all in. Let the God Space put your life and your problems in perspective. There is so much abundance here. It is yours for the taking. Why do you play for such small money? Why do it, again and again and again? This opportunity is so limited. The rewards are so small! Why choose this behavior over and over again?

Plant medicine for addiction (pornography):The human form is beautiful. Porn stars show us that. Humans are infused with divine energy. The sexual impulse may be the strongest you feel. Your human nature craves this. You may seek to dominate this energy or submit to it. Now step into the God Space and look around. Drink it all in. Let the God Space put your life and your desires in perspective. There is so much pleasure here! This pleasure is real, and it goes on and on and on. The porn industry has hijacked your desires and your fantasies. There’s no reality behind those images. Why would you substitute pictures or real enjoyment? Pornography only misdirects and dissipates your sexual power. Why give away your power? There is so much human potential around you. It is yours to tap into. Choose beauty in abundance that is unending. Why do you return to these pictures, again and again and again? This opportunity is so limited! Why choose pennies when untold riches awaits you?

What would you tell your eleven year-old self after that first livestream experience?:The God Space opened for you, and you felt a blast of its infinite energy. Your question at the time was the reality of God. You received your answer. You perceived that to be definitive encounter, and it was. It was enough for you at that time. That revelation will sustain you for the next 39 years, until your return to the God Space. Never forget what you felt. Don’t stop believing that was real. Let you faith be great. God is leading you.

My visit to the God Space was everything I could have hoped for. How could I have been so fortunate? Here in Oaxaca Mexico, my prayers were answered. The mushrooms had united us at last. Did I have any further questions? – No. Was that my final answer? – Yes.

(Video) A Brief Bio of God


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