Comparing The Twelve Tables And The Code Of The Salian Franks (2023)

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Most civilizations have created some form of a legal code, which gives an insight into their societies view of justice. These legal codes allow civilizations to run more smoothly in terms of combating crime and they also help citizens live a somewhat structured life. These legal codes give us an understanding of the structure of the government and how the government punished certain crimes gives us an even deeper understanding into what the society valued the most. The Twelve Tables and The Code of the Salian Franks are very similar in what legal subjects they cover, however, they differ greatly in the justice of crimes and what is more valued/emphasized in their societies through their legal codes.
The Twelve Tables were ancient Rome's attempt to create a structured code of law. This law code emphasizes marriage and the family rights, inheritance, contracts, and property. Justice in this time was very harsh, hands on and sometimes
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It is also less harsh and aimed at establishing fixed consequences and penalties for a wider range of offenses. It emphasized more specific crimes like rape, the killing of women and children, insults, and inflicting wounds. For example, "If any person strike another on the head so that the brain appears, and the three bones which lie above the brain shall project, he shall be sentenced to 1200 denars, which make 30 shillings" (Title 17, 3). Their legal code was concerned more with not adding more violence to crimes and more having a structured repayment system for crimes. This law code is also much more detailed and applies how each member of society will be treated in the legal system in terms of class and punishment (i.e. the Franks, Romans, Barbarians, Freeman, slaves). I believe the idea of justice in this society is much more widespread and is concerned with stopping acts of violence rather than combating it with more


  • Hammurabi Dbq

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    About 4,000 years ago, Hammurabi, the King of Babylon, made 282 laws to gain peace. In my opinion, I think that Hammurabi’s Code wasn’t just because it shows that is hurt family, it made people lose some kind of property, and it depended who you were in order to come up with a consequence for personal injury.

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  • Twelve Tables And Constitution Differences

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    During the time period when the Romans ruled, they used a legal system called The Twelve Tables. This was the Romans’ earliest endeavour to design a code of law. Originally, ten tablets were written, but the plebeians were not contented. Consequently, two more tablets were added. The Twelve Tables are not unlike the American Constitution; however, there are some differences.

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  • Hammurabi's Influence On The American Legal System

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    However, the most important influence on the American legal system is Hammurabi’s code, because it is an extremely useful source for discussions of Mesopotamian government and society is the Babylonian document Hammurabi’s Code (approximately 1780 BCE). One of the most influential codifications of law in ancient history, the text provides people with a concrete example of the expanding influence of centralized government on the personal and professional lives of the general population. It also gives people a clear sense of the ways ancient Babylonians invested godly authority in their worldly

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  • How King Hammurabi's Codes Were Unjust?

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    The third code is family law. In law 195 it says, “If a son has struck his father, his hands shall be cut off.” The son should be punished however, cutting off his hands is very extreme. There is no age listed in this law and what if it was a child? In law 129 it also shows that the laws were unjust. Another reason is “If a married lady is caught [in adultery] with another man, they shall bind them and cast them into water.” This is also a very harsh punishment. The last law is law 148. The last reason is, “If a man has married a wife and a disease has seized her, if he is determined to marry a second wife, he shall marry her. He shall not divorce the wife whom the disease has seized. She shall dwell in the house they have built together, and he shall maintain her as long as she lives.” This is unjust because you should not leave your sick wife alone and marry another woman. Many people think king Hammurabi’s laws were just, but they were not just because of that evidence. Justice is not absolute in this because people worked hard to make a marriage,

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  • How Did Hammurabi Impact The World Today

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    Funk and Wagnall New World Encyclopedia wrote, “The basis of criminal law is that of equal retaliation, comparable to the Semitic law of ‘an eye for an eye’”(“Hammurabi, Code of” 1). Hammurabi was the first to make the law code meaning he was the first to start the foundation for our law system today. He was the father of law and today his justice code is still apparent today. The code of Hammurabi was designed to protect the weak, which includes: women, children and slaves. Funk and Wagnall wrote, “It seeks to protect the weak and the poor, including women, children, and slaves, against injustice at the hands of the rich and powerful”(Hammurabi, Code of” 1). It helps protect the people that cannot or do not know how to protect

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  • Medieval Crime And Punishment Essay

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    To conclude, a significant extent of the nature of crime and punishment changed between social classes and over the years since the Medieval Period. This is seen through the significant groups that were involved in medieval crime and punishment, the effects of a person’s social class on crime and punishment, the sort of crime each punishment was used for and the difference between crime and punishments between the Medieval Period and today. The Medieval Period lasted from 476 CE to 1453 CE, with different punishments for each crime committed by different social

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  • The Judgments Of Hammurabi In The Tale Of The Eloquent Peasant

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    The Judgments of Hammurabi laid out the rules for Mesopotamian citizens. Hammurabi’s code gives judgements and consequences for certain crimes. The punishment for a crime depended on one’s social rank. There were essentially three classes; the priests and noble landlords, the freemen, and slaves. Each law illustrated the division in the societies social status. As a particular law read; “If a man has destroyed the eye of another free man, his own eye shall be destroyed. If he has destroyed the eye of a

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  • Justinian's Code Essay

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    Justinian’s Code. What is Justinian’s Code? Well, Justinian’s Code is a set of law codes that formalized the old Roman Law using the Twelve Tables. Justinian 's Code lasted from 529 to around 565 .Although most of the remaining Byzantine Empire spoke Greek, Justinian 's Code was published almost entirely in Latin. His Code was divided up into four different parts, (1) Codex Constitutionum, (2) Digesta, or Pandectae, (3) Institutiones, and (4) Novellae Constitutiones Post Codicem.

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  • Ancient Civilizations: The Code Of Hammurabi

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    2000 BCE was a major turning point in most societies as civilizations started to unify. As these civilizations grew, law codes were commonly introduced by their leaders. Politically law codes determined punishments and helped provide a base for the government. They affected economies by regulating trade, introducing currency, and enforcing taxes. There was also a distinct separation of gender and social status outlined in the law codes. The law codes of each society help reflect their core values and show many similarities as well as differences.

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  • Roman Law: The Twelve Tables And The Corpus Juris Civilis

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    The primary document that all Roman laws were included was the Twelve Tables. This attempt was the earliest of Romans to create a Code of Law and is also the earliest (surviving) piece of literature coming from the Romans. That time Roman Empire was struggling for legal and social protection between the privileged, the rich and elite and plebeians. For this reason a commission was appointed to draft a code of law which would be binding on both parties and which the magistrates would have to enforce impartially.

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  • Examples Of Hammurabi's Code Dbq

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    Did you know Hammurabi created the first set of laws.Hammurabi was a king of Mesopotamia.Hammurabi’s codes were laws.They were the first set of written laws. The purpose was to punish people for stealing ,murdering,and other things.Hammurabi’s codes were just because it is a punishment and they are fair to people.Hammurabi’s Code is just for two reasons family law and property law.

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  • What Is The Code Of Hammurabi Dbq

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    The Code of Hammurabi was a comprehensive set of laws that are considered by many scholars and historians to be the oldest laws established. They were passed down for four thousand years by King Hammurabi of Babylon. Although the code was created with good intent and humanitarian intent it contained the “eye for an eye” theory of punishment, which is a very barbaric form of the concept of making the punishment fit the crime. This and many other laws within the code tell us humans a lot about the Mesopotamian civilization but one’s that stood out are code numbers 3, 5, and 6.

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  • How Did Hammurabi Laws Affect Families

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    King Hammurabi created a set of 282 laws, thousands of years ago in a city called Babylonia to give peace. I think Hammurabi’s Code wasn’t just because it hurt the families, it’s punishment for property was to harsh and unfair to other people, and it wasn’t fair to personal injury.

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  • What Is The Legacy Of Hammurabi Code Of Laws

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    One of the biggest things the code of laws did was give people the personal responsibility of not stealing or it would be punished by death, for example law number 22. The law states, “If any one is committing a robbery and is caught, then he shall be put to death.” (Hammurabi, pg8), therefor with this law Hammurabi hoped that people would take it upon themselves and think twice about the actions they had done, or thought of doing. Moreover, adultery was a very big subject during this time as well, it could be punished by death. Law number 129 says, “If a man's wife be surprised (in flagrante delicto) with another man, both shall be tied and thrown into the water, but the husband may pardon his wife and the king his slaves.” (Hammurabi, pg18) With this law women had the personal responsibility of not cheating on their husband. Another perfect example of Personal responsibility is the famous law “eye for an eye”, law number 196 states as follows, “If a man put out the eye of another man, his eye shall be put out.” (Hammurabi, pg28) This law gave people the personal responsibility of their own actions, which in turn might help them think twice about what they were going to do or

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lex Talionis

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    Among the Ten Commandments, which deal with criminal matters? religious matters? other? Laws in Hammurabi 's Code were divided into groups which addressed the same topic. One group described different types of crimes, in which crimes against property were the most harshly punished. Another was about witchcraft and how witches should be tried, judged, and punished accordingly. Other types included the different methods of appropriate punishment (sometimes harsh), the rules for trading, and laws about marriage, families, borrowing and lending, and about irrigating fields - basically every aspect of

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How are the 12 tables similar to Hammurabi's Code and how are they different? ›

Hammurabi's Code of Laws? Twelve Tables- ancient legislation that stood at the foundation of Roman law. It is similar to The Hammurabis Code of Laws because they were both created to keep the towns people calm and to follow the laws provided by the government.

What were the Twelve Tables answer? ›

The Twelve Tables (aka Law of the Twelve Tables) was a set of laws inscribed on 12 bronze tablets created in ancient Rome in 451 and 450 BCE. They were the beginning of a new approach to laws which were now passed by government and written down so that all citizens might be treated equally before them.

How are the Twelve Tables and the US Constitution similar? ›

The Twelve Tables were very simply much like the American Constitution and Bill of Rights, they were a codified and listed set of rules citizens had to follow, and limits on the powers the government had over them. They were created following a Secessio Plebis.

How did the 12 tables compared to modern laws? ›

How do the 12 Tables compare to modern laws? The Twelve Tables compares to Modern laws because it acknowledged the right of individuals, explained courts and trial procedures for crimes committed, and outlined the general laws of society.

What is a major similarity between the Code of Hammurabi and the Ten? ›

Answer and Explanation: Both the Ten Commandments and Hammurabi's Code were attempts to create permanent rules for maintaining social order. The two of them attempted to address the most pertinent issues of their time, in regards to the cultures for which they were created, using divine instruction as their sources.

What is the biggest difference between the Code of Hammurabi and laws today? ›

However, Hammurabi's code is far more violent than modern law. Also, they have different ways of handling things, different punishments, and different social structure. One way that Hammurabi's Code and the Modern Laws are different is because Hammurabi's Code is strictly based on social structure.

What is the summary of the Twelve Tables? ›

The Laws of the Twelve Tables was the legislation that stood at the foundation of Roman law. Formally promulgated in 449 BC, the Tables consolidated earlier traditions into an enduring set of laws. In the Forum, "The Twelve Tables" stated the rights and duties of the Roman citizen.

How do the Twelve Tables compare to the earlier law code of Hammurabi? ›

twelve table of Rome and code of Assura, Hammurabi are different as twelve table of rome is democratic law and allowed to defend yourself in court while code of Assura, Hammurabi is to break law you are given harsh penalties and man was seen higher than women.

What were the 12 tables and why were they important? ›

The Twelve Tables were the foundation of Roman law and government, similar to the United States Constitution, that were placed in the Forum for all citizens to be able to see and follow. These tables included older traditions from before the Republic era that had been consolidated into law by order of the Senate.

What are the similarities and differences between the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions? ›

Each state is governed by its own constitution. State constitutions vary in length and scope and, unlike the federal Constitution, they are generally broader in scope and are amended more frequently. State constitutional research is similar to federal constitutional research.

What are the differences and similarities between the U.S. Constitution and the typical state Constitution? ›

Often, state constitutions are much longer and more detailed than the federal Constitution. State constitutions focus more on limiting rather than granting power since its general authority has already been established.

What are some of the differences between the constitutional system in the U.S. and in the UK? ›

The UK and US constitutions are predominantly different due to the uncodified and unentrenched nature of the UK constitution, compared to the codified and entrenched nature of the US constitution. This makes the process for amendments, repeals or new laws also very different.

Did the 12 tables treat everyone equally? ›

The Romans were very proud of the laws that they made and that they allowed all of the citizens to be treated equally.

How are the Twelve Tables different to US laws? ›

They were very similar to our Bill of Rights (in the beginning of the U.S. Constitution.) One difference was that they also included penalties and strict procedures in specific situations. The Twelve Tables was one of the fundamental (important) texts memorized by Roman schoolboys.

What similarities exist between the laws in the table and the laws in the US? ›

The United States Constitution is similar to the Twelve Tables of Roman law, because both are binding on all citizens and lay down the law of the land. Also, in both situations high ranking people were comissioned to put togther the two documents.

Does Hammurabi's Code equal everyone? ›

From the code, it is evident that the Babylonians did not believe all people were equal. The code treated slaves, commoners, and nobles differently. Women had a number of rights, including the ability to buy and sell property and to obtain a divorce.

What made Hammurabi's code different? ›

The Code of Hammurabi includes many harsh punishments, sometimes demanding the removal of the guilty party's tongue, hands, breasts, eye or ear. But the code is also one of the earliest examples of an accused person being considered innocent until proven guilty. The 282 edicts are all written in if-then form.

What is a major difference between the Ten Commandments and the Code of? ›

The Code of Hammurabi

If one of these laws were broken, there would be a specific punishment that went along with it, unlike with the Ten Commandments where there is no outright punishment listed.

What law is similar to Code of Hammurabi? ›

Other written examples of ancient law, such as the Sumerian Code of Ur-Nammu and the Laws of Eshnunna, predate the Code of Hammurabi by several hundred years, and include many similarities.

How is Hammurabi's code similar to today's laws? ›

Through the codes, Hammurabi conveyed that he was a king who wanted to ensure that anyone—not just the rich and powerful, but even the poor—could obtain justice, Podany says. It's an idea that modern justice still strives to achieve, even if it doesn't always succeed.

What is the main idea of the text the Code of Hammurabi? ›

Hammurabi's code expressed the idea that social order was more important than individual rights. For example, a family's wealth should be administered by the husband/father. Women, especially widows and divorcees, needed society's help and the codes sought to provide protection for them.

What are the two purposes of the Twelve Tables? ›

The written recording of the law in the Twelve Tables enabled the plebeians both to become acquainted with the law and to protect themselves against patricians' abuses of power.

What do the Twelve Tables of law represent? ›

The Twelve Tables, which were inscribed on bronze plaques and posted in the forum for all Romans to see, represent the first formal codification of Roman laws. The laws dealt with legal procedures, debt, family relations, property, and other matters of law.

What was the main idea of the Twelve Tables quizlet? ›

What was the main idea of the Twelve Tables? All citizens, no matter their class, were equal and protected under the law.

What is the Code of Hammurabi and the Twelve Tables? ›

In Mesopotamian history, the most consummate code of law was the Code of Hammurabi, engendered by the King Hammurabi. The Twelve Tables was created by the Roman elites in order to create justice and fairness between the plebian and patricians.

What was one purpose of the Twelve Tables in the Roman Republic quizlet? ›

What was the significance of the Twelve Tables? They became the basis for all Roman law and established the idea that all free citizens had a right to the protection of the law.

What were the 3 differences from the American Constitution to the Constitution of the Confederacy? ›

Outwardly patterned on much of the US, it had three glaring changes: 1) the Preamble makes clear this is a federal government of Sovereign, Independent States, 2) they invoked 'the favor of Almighty God', and 3) they outlawed the Slave Trade absolutely, a first in American Constitutional law.

What is the main difference between state and U.S. Constitution? ›

In contrast to the federal Constitution, state constitutions are significantly more explicit in conferring the right to vote and include additional protections for free, equal and open elections. These provisions have been particularly effective in the sphere of redistricting and partisan gerrymandering.

Why are state constitutions and the US Constitution so similar quizlet? ›

Why are the state constitutions and the U.S. Constitution so similar? The principles of state constitutions and the U.S. Constitution were all rooted in the same historical context.

What are the major similarities and differences between the Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution? ›

In both, the laws are made by the legislature, whereby the articles of confederation have only one house which is referred to as Congress, and the constitution has got two houses. These two houses combined are referred to as Congress, but it's subdivided into the Senate and the House of Representatives.

What are the main differences between state constitutions and the US Constitution quizlet? ›

State constitutions are longer and more detailed than the U.S.Constitution, and their bill of rights ofter include new and expanded rights not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution.

What are the main differences between the Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution in terms of the Bill of Rights? ›

Ultimately, the largest difference between America's two governing documents is in that the Articles sovereignty resided in the states, and the Constitution was declared the law of the land when it was ratified which significantly increased the power of the federal government.

What are the similarities between the US and UK Constitution? ›

The US and UK constitutions are most similar in the way the judiciary can check the legislature through judicial review. Both have a Supreme Court separate from the legislature and the executive.

What are a couple of the key differences between our U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Texas? ›

But the Texas Constitution is much longer and more detailed than the U.S. Constitution. It puts rights first. It deals with state and local matters not covered by the U.S. Constitution. And its many amendments are buried in the text, not listed separately like the U.S. Constitution.

What are the ways in which the US and UK constitutions are similar 12 mark? ›

Similarities Between UK and US Constitution

Both the UK and US have independent judiciary systems represented by the Supreme Court. This is to ensure individual rights are protected and laws are being upheld. Due to these systems within the UK and US is signifies that central governments do not have sole power.

What is the difference between the Twelve Tables and the law of nations? ›

Terms in this set (15) The significance of the twelve tables is, they produced an idea that free citizens were protected by the law. The Law of Nations created a law to handle crimes and complaints involving foreigners from Rome.

What was the importance of the Code of Hammurabi and the Twelve Tables? ›

These laws were utilized to pass judgment on residents of regions where antiquated realms had gained the position to control as the predominant wellspring of government.

What is the Code of Hammurabi 12 tables? ›

In Mesopotamian history, the most consummate code of law was the Code of Hammurabi, engendered by the King Hammurabi. The Twelve Tables was created by the Roman elites in order to create justice and fairness between the plebian and patricians.

Why was Justinian's code important? ›

What is the significance of the Code of Justinian? Although the Code of Justinian was not, in itself, a new legal code, it rationalized hundreds of years of existing Roman statutes. Contradictions and conflicts were eliminated, and any existing laws that were not included in it were repealed.

What does Hammurabi's code the Twelve Tables and the Code of Justinian have in common? ›

The importance of the Hammurabi Code, the Twelve Tables, and the Justinian Code is that they all served as set of rules/laws that were put in place to manage and maintain order in a society.

What are the similarities between laws and rules? ›

  • Laws and rules serve similar purposes of guiding human conduct, as ethics does, so as to make it conducive to civilized social existence.
  • They, like ethics, enforce a sense of right and wrong.
  • All three are derived from certain common sources like religion, community values, cultural context, sense of justice, etc.
Jun 28, 2021

What two things are the basis behind the American common law system? ›

Common law, also known as case law, is a body of unwritten laws based on legal precedents established by the courts. Common law draws from institutionalized opinions and interpretations from judicial authorities and public juries.

What are the similarities between rules and regulations? ›

Similarities Between Rules and Regulations

Both Rules and regulations explain specific guidelines or statements to be followed. Also, both should be followed in order not to face penalties or legal punishments.

What is the Code of Hammurabi answer? ›

The Hammurabi code of laws, a collection of 282 rules, established standards for commercial interactions and set fines and punishments to meet the requirements of justice. Hammurabi's Code was carved onto a massive, finger-shaped black stone stele (pillar) that was looted by invaders and finally rediscovered in 1901.

What were the main laws of the Twelve Tables? ›

The Twelve Tables provided an early understanding of some key concepts such as justice, equality, and punishment. Although legal reform occurred soon after the implementation of the Twelve Tables, these ancient laws provided social protection and civil rights for both the patricians and plebeians.

What did Hammurabi's codes value? ›

Hammurabi's Code focused more on creating peace than actually on giving people the equality they deserved. Hammurabi's code expressed the idea that social order was more important than individual rights. For example, a family's wealth should be administered by the husband/father.


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